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JavaScript: The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language

March 23, 2018

Our University has organized a Hackathon few days ago. Usually, they provide us some problems and we have to solve them using some major languages like C, C++, Java or Python. But They didn’t keep the option for JavaScript. I was asking one of the coordinator whether I could use JavaScript or not. He totally replied negatively and neglected it. He said JavaScript is not programming language, it’s just a scripting language

So this is how the world’s most famous and powerful Programming Language, JavaScript is misunderstood by everyone. They don’t consider it as Programming Language. And in the mean time, most of us are also confused whether It is actually a programming language like C/C++ or not. So that’s why today I am going to discuss about it.

JavaScript has been misunderstood. And it is a top open secret that this is actually the most underrated Programming Language. There are several reasons for that. First I am focusing on those reasons:

  1. The JavaScript name itself is confusing. Most of the time people think it as a subset of Java programming language.
  2. Also some people think it as only a scripting language, which is a subset of Java as it is called as JavaScript (Script of Java or something like that)
  3. JavaScript is very popular among the web as scripting language. Most of us think that this is the only reason why people use it
  4. The ECMA committee which is responsible for the standard of JavaScript specifications makes very poor quality documentation which is very hard to understand and also people get confused easily
  5. Most of the JavaScript programmer doesn’t have enough programming basic. They can easily start with JavaScript without even knowing anything about the programming world which lead them to write poor code. As it is very high in number, other people coming from any other programming language think that it is not maintaining programming standards
  6. The JavaScript is said to be a Object Oriented Programming language, but till its most popular version called ES5, there was the concept of objects which can hold data but there was no concept of class or anything like that what makes most of the people confused

And there are some other reasons as well. But they are the most highlighted reasons why people get confused and think it as a normal scripting language, not a programming language like C, C++

Now I am going to discuss what JavaScript is actually and How we can get to know about it whether it is actually a programming language or not:

  1. JavaScript is not a subset of Java. It doesn’t have any connection with Java. Its syntax is like other major languages most of the time. But it doesn’t mean it is following Java. They are totally two different Programming Language.
  2. C is the mother of all languages. C will be the same always. But That doesn’t mean JavaScript is not a programming language. Most of the time JavaScript is found to be faster than those languages for using some uncommon strategies.
  3. JavaScript is mostly used in the web. But it is not the only thing that it can do. Have you ever seen that you can use it for machine learning, you can use it for Arduino as well? I am leaving the discussion on Node JS, because most of the people know about it. But I will discuss about those things that people don’t know about.
  4. JavaScript is a very nice dynamic and Object Oriented Programming Language and It is very easy to learn actually.
  5. You will find three time period for the Programming Languages. Procedural Programming Language > Object Oriented Programming Language > Functional Programming Language. So, functional programming language is the future now. JavaScript is removing all its weak points in the new versions and also moving toward functional programming language slowly which is very futuristic
  6. JavaScript’s new specification ES6 has all the concept from Object Oriented Programming Language
  7. Though amateurs can use JavaScript as it is very easy to learn. But if you are familiar with the world of programming then you can even use it to implement sorting, searching algorithms and so other stuff just like other languages. It depends on your habit, practices. JavaScript allows everything you will find in the other languages.
  8. Every machine/device nowadays comes with at least one JavaScript engine which makes it truly cross platform programming language and also it can help you to make cross platform application.

Some Inspirations:

If someone talks about the future of JavaScript then this is what we can expect in future. Let me give some references:

  1. Deeplearn.js: If you are interested in machine learning than you should take a look at this framework

2. Johnny-Five: If you trying to work with Arduino then It is a must see framework for you:

3. Propel ML: If you know numpy, then you will be surprised JavaScript also has something like that

4. KerasJS: With KerasJS, you can run Keras models in the browser, with GPU support using WebGL. Models can also be run in Node.js, but only in CPU mode.

5. Brain JS: Brain.js is a set of JavaScript libraries for training neural networks and Naive-Bayesian classifier.

6. Electron JS: You want to make desktop application? What if you don’t have to built the application seperatel for every opearating system? Yes, Electron is used to make cross platform desktop application

And there are many more available on the internet and many more to come in future. So what do you think about JavaScript now? Let me know your own preferences and expectations. Thank You!

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